5 Best Types Of Detox Tea (Cleanse Your Body From Inside)

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Natural antioxidants are a wonderful way to cleanse the body of unwanted toxins.

For many people, one of the easiest ways to obtain these antioxidants is by simply drinking a detox tea. Not only do they provide our bodies with superb protection when it comes to various viruses and bacteria but also keep many environmental additives from circulating throughout our system.

You may be asking yourself how these dangerous toxins can build up inside of your body and how in fact they can be removed by drinking a simple tea.

The first part of the question is quite easy to answer. Toxin build-up can happen just from interacting with our world and living life. Some common sources of toxins include our food, water, and even the air we breathe.

Now, before you start to panic remember that our body has a built-in defense mechanism called our immune system which goes to war with these toxins on a daily basis. The majority of toxins are removed, however, some of them are left scavenging the insides of your body causing health problems.

The main victim is your digestive system as it can start to fail while digesting foods and will refuse to absorb any nutrients that give health benefits. These defects can cause both vitamin and protein deficiency which can cause havoc on your body as a whole. The liver, which is also affected by toxins brings about several diseases such as anxiety, depression, blood pressure, and diabetes.

So, while your body’s immune system is fighting a good fight, why not give it a boost with the help of some detox tea?

Several variations of the tea exist including lemon, peach, triple leaf, yerba mate, and the always popular green tea. Each of these teas contains important herbs that have been used down through the ages.

Certain teas can target specific areas such as peach detox tea which is intended to affect kidney and liver functions. Your biliary and digestive system can be positively boosted with a cup of natural blend cleansing tea.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of these teas to see the inner workings of these detox drinks.

5 Common Detox Teas & Their Applications

1. Peach Tea – For The Liver & Kidneys

As earlier mentioned, the kidney and liver can be helped out by peach detox tea.

peach detox iced tea

A little-known fact about the liver is that it is the biggest organ in the human body. It metabolizes, synthesizes, and contains nearly all of the nutrients in your body. The liver’s juices, bile, functions as a digestive component of fat within the gastrointestinal tract. Bile also helps blood to flow and work as it was meant to until toxins invaded it.

As you could imagine, a poorly maintained liver can bring about several issues throughout the body.

Kidneys on the other hand are the most important organ that washes out the waste and toxins through your urine. When a kidney is not working properly, mass amounts of toxins can be built up causing severe issues.

Peach detox tea works on both of these problems with the help of a traditional Indian ingredient, cornsilk, which stimulates urine flow by triggering the main functions of the kidney. In addition to cornsilk, black pepper, long peppers, dandelion, and ginger are also included to affect the liver’s job of removing toxins.

2. Lemon Tea – For The Liver

Lemon detox tea has natural ingredients such as Madal Bal natural tree syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. Lemon juice has a vast amount of Vitamin C which is one of the more potent antioxidants. Many vitamins including C reduce the oxidative stress caused by toxins. The cayenne pepper dissolves mucus built up in the body and also adds a kick to the lemon detox tea as well. Many minerals are also included thanks to Madal Bal natural tree syrup, which are also highly required in order to have a fully functioning liver.

In case you have problems with severe headaches, skin diseases like acne, and mucus in the lungs then it might be dangerous to go for normal tea which you use in normal conditions. Instead of that, you can try Lemongrass tea which has some good medicinal capabilities for such health problems. The problem of joint pain and excessive water in the body can be overcome using this analgesic tea.

To add with a tally of herbal tea, lemon balm herb is a highly rated herbal tea. It has antibacterial and antiviral capacities. You might not like the taste of this tea but you can try this out by adding a spoon of honey to it. And it can help to settle high-strung nerves as well.

3. Chamomile Tea – For The Nerves

If you are anxious or have trouble sleeping then Chamomile can surely help one suffering from this problem to calm the nerves. Its advantage for better health is not limited to this as this tea is also useful for people suffering from menstrual cramps as well as colds. If you are on a detox diet and avoiding drinks that have caffeine in them then you can surely consider Nettle tea because it is more of a tonic than tea.

4. Rosehip Tea – Natural Body Cleanser

Another herbal tea is Rosehip which has a high amount of antioxidants in it. We all know how antioxidants play role in our immunity system. So Rosehip tea can be mighty effective if you have health issues because of lower immunity. It plays the role of a natural cleanser for our body. Medicines for colds and other related health issues can ruin your detox diet so it is vital to plan something to avoid these issues. Rosehip tea can surely help you regarding this because it contains a good amount of vitamin C in it.

During the detoxification process, regular urination is a prior necessity which can be achieved by regular and good enough intake of herbal tea. Timely use of these herbal teas is very much necessary as over or underuse of this tea might not be that effective. To say the list, it all depends on problems you are facing with your health and requirements to cure those problems.

5. Green Tea – The King Of Detox Teas

green tea detox

Of course, we saved one of the best for last. Mostly because there is so much to say about it!

Green tea, a type of detox tea is a novel derivative of the tea plant Camellia sinensis. It has been in discussion for more than 4000 years. Green tea was an essential part of the Chinese traditional system of medicine. Green tea or detox tea is recognized as the original product of Camellia sinensis because the preparation of processed leaves from the raw leaves incorporates less time and mechanized conversion. Thus the oxidative process is also less. You can distinguish green tea from the more popular oolong tea or black or brown tea.

Detox green tea is prepared from raw tea leaves that are not fermented. As the fermentation process involves oxidative reactions, the main antioxidant EpiGalloCatechin Gallate (EGCG) present in green tea, is retained in the highest concentrations.

Antioxidants are identified as substances that are free radical scavengers. Free radicals are some harmful substances that are produced during the metabolic process. Every free radical molecule is unstable as it is consists of fewer electrons. Thus it seizes its electron from another stable molecule only to make it unstable again a free radical. Thus the process goes on in a cyclical manner. These free radicals can change the cell morphology by interfering with the DNA synthesis and even they can accelerate cell death.

EGCG can neutralize the free radicals and thus it can lower and sometimes bring to an end of the cell damage caused by the free radicals.

Detox teas are popular across China, Thailand, and India for a long time. In the Indian and Chinese systems of traditional medicine, detox tea or green tea is taken as an energy drink, to encourage urination (thus the harmful metabolic substances are washed out from our body) as astringent (controlling and stopping the bleeding and also wound healing). It is also prescribed to improve cardiac function. Detox tea can also be used to control high blood pressure, control high fever, to lower high blood sugar, as an aid to digestion besides improving mental alertness.

The effect of detox tea has been studied in humans and other different laboratory animals. The observations from these studies suggest that detox tea can be beneficial in the following conditions:

In diabetics: patients with Type I Diabetes can get great relief from using detox tea. In these patients, the pancreas gland can not produce enough insulin due to damage to its s cells. Detox tea can bring back the normal functioning of the gland. The catechin present in the detox tea has the potential to regenerate the damaged s cells. It also stimulates the process of glucogenesis (the physical mechanism by which the free glucose present in the blood is converted to glycogen and can be stored).

In cardiac patients: detox tea can lower bad cholesterol (LDL and the VLDL).

In cancer patients: several studies have been conducted and it is found that polyphenols present in detox tea can prevent carcinogens (substances that promote cancer formation). Polyphenols can also kill the cancer cells and help the normal cells to remain healthy. In a population-based study, it is seen that EGCG present in detox tea can prevent the spreading of cancer cells.

In liver diseases: people who take 10-12 cups of detox tea daily are less prone to any liver diseases. Results from studies conducted on laboratory an animal has shown that catechins present in the detox tea can regenerate the damaged liver cells.

Most of the benefits of detox teas are yet to be discovered, but constant research is going on to enlighten us about other benefits of this healthy drink.

The majority of these detox teas are made simply by boiling water and placing tea bags which can be obtained in the marketplace, typically in the herbal isle. These small teabags contain all the important ingredients mentioned above for your convenience. After boiling the water for a good five to six minutes, you are set to drink and happily restore your toxin-fighting organs.

Also, it’s important to note that most claims of detox teas being used as fat-burning drinks are honestly not true. Most have no effect on the fat-burning processes your body contains. On a good note, by cleansing the toxins your body has, you will feel much better, become healthier, and have an overall boost in your quality of life!

My Recommendation – Chinese Herbal Detox Tea

Uncle Lee’s Dieters Detox Tea for Weight Loss and Belly Fat - Chinese Green Slim Tea With Senna Leaves - 100 Percent Natural No Caffeine - 30 Tea Bags, Pack of 3

Ancient Chinese healers as well as today’s experts in China have used herbal tea to aid in returning an ailing body to health. Not surprisingly, many cleansing teas for the liver are from the Orient but are used almost everywhere.

In today’s modern society, we need these detox teas even more than ever before. We have polluted our bodily systems with environmental poisons, tainted food, and by drinking alcohol. Think of all the harm these substances can do, because they don’t belong in our bodies. Yet it is almost impossible to avoid all of them. So the next best thing is to rid our bodies of these chemicals that are causing damage to our bodies and our health.

To get rid of all these poisonous substances, Chinese liver detox tea products will certainly do the trick. By drinking these healing teas, the liver can be cleansed and returned to optimal health over a period of time. After all, it took a while for all those poisons to build up, so they won’t vanish overnight.

A happy side effect of drinking these detox teas is the emotions of well-being and reduced anxiety that go along with your cup of tea. It took some time, way back when, for the Chinese to see that herbal tea was anything more than a tasty drink. Then they began to notice that their health was improving, and they felt better physically and mentally after getting in the habit of drinking tea for a period of time.

The way the Chinese explained this phenomenon was that the herbal teas managed the Chi in the body. The flow of energy was then controlled and brought to a higher level. It’s a good thing they figured all this out because this is part of the reason that Chinese herbal liver detox tea products began to spread across the globe.

Chinese herbal liver detox tea works to make sure the liver is not harmed and is made more powerful to handle its duties without getting overwhelmed and worn out. It cleans out this vital organ so that it will function optimally. But how does the tea accomplish this wonderful feat?

Well, the tea is actually a stimulating force for the liver and it removes poisonous chemicals that have built up in your blood as well. Fat digestion and protein synthesis are essential functions of the liver and Chinese herbal liver detox tea increases the ability and speed of the liver to take care of these duties. The tea supports the liver and makes it stronger so that it can do its job easier, with much less strain.

You want your liver to take care of your body for a long time to come. If you can help it in any way, you should do so. You will be keeping yourself free of the trouble of dealing with bladder problems, kidney issues, menstrual problems, Hepatitis, jaundice, and indigestion. It’s a wise investment in your overall health to drink Chinese herbal liver detox tea. What are you waiting for?


A common belief about detoxification is so one-sided as people feel it helps to remove toxicity caused due to drugs and alcohol. But the fact is somewhat different with so many factors playing a role in increasing the integrity of toxins in the human body. There may be many techniques for the treatment of toxicity in humans but one of the well-known and proven ways to reduce the number of toxins in the body is herbal detox tea.