Is A Gallon Of Tea Per Day Too Much? Half A Gallon?

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You probably drink too much tea per day if you are a tea freak. But is a gallon of tea per day too much?

Drinking a gallon of tea (1 gallon = 3.785 L) per day is too much. As a general rule, one can drink about 710-950 ml (3-4 cups) of tea per day without any unfavorable impact. However, some tea drinkers may also experience side effects even in lower quantities. 

Read on to learn why drinking a gallon of tea is not good, the side effects of too much tea drinking, and more helpful information.

Why Is Drinking A Gallon Of Tea Per Day Too Much?

Indeed, drinking tea has many health benefits. As per the studies done by Harvard on big groups of people, it is found that people who drink tea or coffee are at a reduced risk for diabetes and probably cardiovascular disease.

The primary health-promoting components in tea are polyphenols (especially the catechins and epicatechins). These molecules tend to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, as per lab and animal studies.

Although a moderate intake of tea is healthy, its excessive intake can cause side effects. However, it is typically the caffeine that causes the negative side effects, not the tea itself.

Non-caffeinated (or lightly caffeinated) teas such as hibiscus tea are typically fine to drink in large quantities.

3 Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Caffeinated Tea

1. Headaches, sleeping problems, and anxious feelings:

As you might already know, tea has caffeine – a natural stimulant. In general, if you consume 400mg of caffeine in a day, it is okay. However, excess caffeine consumption can cause health problems like headaches, dizziness, anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, etc. 

In fact, many people start experiencing brain fog from caffeine if they are over-consuming for a long period of time.

2. It can cause reduced iron absorption in your body:

As per an article published in the National Library of Medicine, consuming tea in high amounts can result in iron deficiency anemia.

Tea contains compounds like tannins which reduce the iron absorption in your body. This is because the tannins tend to bind with iron, and as a result, it becomes unavailable for absorption in our digestive system.

3. It can also cause heartburn and other health effects:

The caffeine present in tea can lead to heartburn. Actually, caffeine allows the sphincter to relax, and as a result, the acidic content of the stomach flows more easily into our esophagus.

Moreover, drinking excessive tea can also have other health impacts. For example, there is a case of a US woman who lost all her teeth. Fluoride poisoning from tea is considered the main reason behind this problem. 

Just think, the woman used to drink a pitcher of iced tea daily for about seventeen years! 

What Happens If You Drink A Gallon of Tea?

If you drink a gallon of tea per day, it is surely considered too much. You would face all the side effects and health problems as someone who would drink too much tea per day.

As per a news article published in abcnews, drinking a gallon of iced tea every day probably led a man to suffer from kidney failure.

The patient used to drink about 16 (8-ounce) glasses of iced tea every day. (Just think!

According to the doctors, the patient’s excessive tea consumption was the culprit behind his unexpected kidney failure! An abundant quantity of calcium oxalate crystals was found in its urine sample. (Calcium oxalate crystals are mainly responsible for the risk of kidney stones development.)

So this news is alarming for you reading this right now. If you are an excessive tea drinker, just start minimizing your intake to avoid future problems. 

Not just kidney-related issues, you may also run into several other health issues and side effects if you consume too much tea.

How Much Tea Is Too Much Per Day?

As a general rule, you should not drink more than 3 cups (710 ml) of tea per day. 

Some of the signs to know if you are drinking too much tea include restless or stressed feelings, improper sleep, frequent headaches, frequent stomaches, more urination, dehydration, and iron deficiency.

Can I Drink Half A Gallon of Tea Per Day?

You should avoid drinking half a gallon of tea per day as it is still too much. Half US Liquid gallon is about 1.89 liters which is still more than the general tea-drinking guideline of 710-950 ml per day.

Final Thoughts

In short, a gallon of tea, or even half a gallon, is not a healthy amount of tea consumption in a day. You should usually aim for less than 3 cups of tea and stick with that habit. Anxiety, digestive problems, and headaches are some of the side effects if you intake too much tea in a day. So hope you will now brew tea in moderation. Good Luck!