Kuissential SlickFroth 2.0 Froth Review (Read Before Buying)

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I’m sure most of us would love to have a complete Ninja Coffee Bar on our counter. Unless you’ve got a much larger kitchen than I do, however, that’s just not going to fly.

I barely have room on my counter for a coffee machine and there’s not way my non-coffee-loving wife would stand with me relegating the toaster to a cupboard.

Which leaves me with one alternative if I want a latte at home, a handheld milk frother.

I’ve tried several milk frothers in the past and, in general, they’re underwhelming. They typically either lack the power or longevity to get the stiff foam peaks that I’m after.

The current gem I have is a different story. I’ve been using a Kuissential SlickFroth 2.0 for the past couple of months and today I’m going to tell you why you should probably have one too!

How I Decided On The Kuissential SlickFroth 2.0

I don’t consider myself overly demanding. Especially when I’m shopping for the type of kitchen tool that can usually be had for less than $20. But, seeing as I don’t like non-working garbage in my drawers, I did have a few things in a milk frother that I just had to have:

  • It had to be battery powered. I routinely forget to plug things in and it’s way easier to just swap batteries on a busy morning than plug in a frother and wait for it to charge.

Kuissential Electric Stainless Steel Milk Frother-Slickfroth 2.0- Powerful Handheld Battery Operated Foam Maker for Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Chocolate, Frappe, Matcha and Coffee

  • It had to be small. I wanted something that I could easily stick in a drawer. That way, when my wife finally found it, I could say that I had had it for months.
  • It had to be powerful. I’ve had self-frothing mugs before that really didn’t do anything but passively stir my coffee or tea. I needed something with some pizazz that would quickly do its job.

And that’s it! All-in-all I just wanted something that would do the job I bought it to do without breaking the bank.

Now it goes without saying that the Kuissential SlickFroth 2.0 is just one choice. A handheld milk frother is a great pick for someone who knows how to make espresso already and is looking for something to help make milk frothy. But there are a bunch that met my criteria.

So, in the end, I relied on owner reviews (and sorting the options Price: Low to High) to make my choice.

My Experience Using The Kuissential SlickFroth 2.0

Kuissential SlickFroth 2.0 in box

This handheld frothing wand is a great introduction to making at-home cappuccinos or lattes.

Espresso drinks that I used to reserve for the café, can be made by yours truly without getting out of my PJs. I meant I don’t get out of my PJs to run to Caribou Coffee either but that’s a different problem.

The one thing I will say up front is that you’ll need to have a few AA batteries on hand as they are necessary and aren’t included.

Operation of the Kuissential SlickFroth is as simple as possible. You simply need to hold it in the milk and press down the one button on the wand. That’s it! The button will lock into place, and you simply hold it in the milk until it is frothed to your liking.

The Kuissential SlickFroth 2.0 is designed to be ergonomically compatible. It’s not like I’ve ever experienced pain from holding onto a milk frother before but it was still nice to hold.

I doubt I’ll ever be able to make Instagram-able latte art with the foam from this tool but it is long-lasting and works up to its maximum speed quickly.

Believe it or not, I really don’t have much more to say about it! It does its job, it doesn’t have any glaring issues, and it’s priced extremely well!

Cleaning The Kuissential SlickFroth 2.0

Luckily for me, the Kuissential SlickFroth is super easy to clean. Otherwise, it probably wouldn’t happen.

Work up as much mess as you want and make as many specialty drinks as you need to with this tool, and you will find that cleanup is always quick and easy.

For this coffee tool, you only need to get some hot and soapy water. Turn on the SlickFroth in the water, and then rinse it. In other words, make a latter out of soapy water.

Compared to most mug-frothing options, the SlickFroth is leaps easier to clean and care for.

While you do need to buy batteries, the process to keep this tool pristine could not be easier.

Making A Latte With The Kuissential SlickFroth 2.0

Kuissential Electric Stainless Steel Milk Frother-Slickfroth 2.0- Powerful Handheld Battery Operated Foam Maker for Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Chocolate, Frappe, Matcha and Coffee

It has never been easier to make a latte at home than it is today. For this method, all you need is finely ground espresso beans, milk, a French Press, and something to froth with. Follow these instructions if you are choosing to use the Kuissential SlickFroth 2.0.

First, make sure your coffee grounds are ground as finely as possible. Add twice as much as you usually would to the French Press. Next, add some boiling water to the French Press and allow the grounds to bloom. Pour in the rest of your nearly boiling water, and close the lid.

After your grounds have steeped for about four minutes, press the plunger halfway down. Raise it slightly, and then press it the rest of the way down. Doing this allows your grounds to be exposed to the pressure typically necessary to make great espresso.

Finally, use the Kuissential SlickFroth 2.0 to froth heated milk. Bring the wand to the top of your milk to create foam. For the last step, pour your frothy, warm milk into your cup of espresso.

Things I Didn’t Like About The Kuissential SlickFroth 2.0

While the frother did the job I bought it for, there are a few things that I would like to see in version 3.0. I might even pay a few extra dollars if these options were included.

  • I want a stand. I don’t necessarily want to store the frother on a stand but it’d be nice to have a place to put it when I take it out of my mug. Currently I either lay it on the counter or put in on a plate.
  • I would like a cover. I typically pull my frother straight out of a drawer or the dish drainer and stick it into my coffee. While it’s probably not dirty I would feel better if it had a basic cover that clicked over the whisk part.

That’s the limit of my gripes! Many people find that they would prefer a rechargeable version but that won’t be on my wishlist anytime soon.

Conclusion: Small But Dependable Choice

So if you have limited space and need some milk foam, get the Kuissential SlickFroth 2.0.

It’s easy to use and will make the job super fast.

If the SlickFrother doesn’t float your boat for one reason or another, however, my next choice was the Milk Frother from PowerLix. It is a bit more expensive but is also battery-powered and comes with a stand.

Whichever one you choose I hope that my review of the Kuissential SlickFroth 2.0 Frother was helpful and that you’ll be enjoying a latte in no time.