3 Best Alternatives To Starbuck’s Discontinued Verismo Pods

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Want to hear a cruel joke?

What if my favorite coffee company released a pod coffee maker so that I could enjoy my favorite cups right and home, but then discontinued it and started making pods only compatible with another machine after millions of people bought their first machine?

So funny, right?

Well, that is exactly what happened to the millions of people who bought a Starbucks Verismo machine.

Now there are tons of people (like me and you) who are out on the market looking for coffee pods compatible with a Verismo coffee maker.

Did Starbucks really decide to leave us 100% out in the cold? Are there other options? Yes, to both questions.

Starbucks officially discontinued both their Verismo machine and compatible pods as of December 31, 2020. Those wishing to purchase pods compatible with their Verismo machine much now purchase reusable pods or pods from another manufacturer.

Best Pods For Verismo Coffee Maker (Now That Starbucks Is Out Of The Game)

starbucks verismo with pods

1. Buy Generic Verismo Pods From Other Manufacturers.

With Starbucks dropping out of the race, luckily there are a couple of other manufacturers that have chosen to carry the torch and make generic pods that you can use.

While there aren’t many of these (and there are getting fewer) you can at least continue using your machine for a while before shelling out for a new one.

Do be sure to check exactly what models of Verismo the pods you’re buying work with as a couple of them are subtly different.

If you insist on buying new pods directly from Starbucks you’ll have to buy a new machine out of pocket. Starbucks now makes pods exclusively for Nestle’s Vertuo machine.

In order to help you avoid false advertising and inferior pods, I found what I consider to be the best coffee (for the best price) if you want to use generic pods in your Verismo.

Recommendation: Italian Coffee Capsule Sampler Pack

Italian Coffee capsules compatible with Starbucks Verismo, CBTL, Caffitaly, K-fee systems (Sampler, 4 flavors, 40 pods tot., No decaf)

If you appreciate enjoying sampling different types of espressos then you’ll really enjoy this sampler pack from Italian Coffee. In each pack, you get get a total of 40 pods for your Verismo including:

  • 10 Pods Of Brazilian Coffee (single origin, medium espresso)
  • 10 Pods Of Cremoso (classic Italian espresso)
  • 10 Pods Of Ristretto (bold espresso)
  • 10 Pods Of Lungo Intenso (a balanced blend of Arabicas)

I’ve been stocking up on these just in case they ever go the same way that Starbucks went with their pods so I won’t be left out in the cold. Get a couple of boxes!

2. Buy A Reusable Verismo Pod (Disposable Alternative)

If you haven’t gotten into the world of reusable coffee pods, it might be time! They have several advantages over the disposable (or recyclable) kind:

  • They’re better for the environment. Over the lifetime of your Verismo, you could literally create thousands of waste pods. I keep three reusable pods around and the only real waste they create is the packages from the coffee I used to fill them.
  • They won’t go bad (or be discontinued). As long as your machine works you’ll still be able to use it. There is a possibility that the rubber seal on your reusable pod fails but it can be replaced.
  • They’re cheaper in the long run. If you want to fill your pods with the cheapest instant coffee you can find, that’s up to you! This also gives you the option to use authentic Starbucks coffee without paying the premium to find authentic Verismo pods.
  • You can make whatever flavor or type of coffee that you want. If you don’t want the cheapest coffee, don’t worry. You can pack your pod with whatever your want from off-brand store coffee to peaberry beans.

If you really want to use your old pods, it is possible to reseal them (you have to buy foil toppers) but it’s typically more trouble than it’s worth.

Recommendation: Italian Coffee Capsule Sampler Pack

Sesama For Verismo K FEE CBTL Refillable Coffee Capsule Pod Filter Stainless Steel Set 1Capsule+1 Reusable Spoon

I will say that a pod such as this limits you to instant coffee or finely ground coffee. If you use a course ground the water will simply flow through and leave you with weak terrible tasting coffee. Remember, it’s a coffee maker, not a brewer.

The pod that I use works with the Verismo K-fee 11 5P40 and Verismo 600 so be sure to check your model before buying!

3. Buy Starbucks Verismo Pods From eBay

If nothing but the original Starbucks brand Verismo pods will do, you can still get them.

Because their discontinuation was such a shock to many people who had just purchased the machine there is still a high demand for original pods. And anywhere where there is demand, you can find the item sold on eBay. All of the pods that were produced are now past their “Best By” date but the shelf life of coffee means that they are likely still fine.

Just be prepared to pay $1-2 per pod for decaf or up to $4 a pod for a high-demand Verismo pod flavor like Dark Roast Espresso.

Are Verismo Coffee Makers Good?

The Starbucks Verismo is a highly-rated single-serve coffee maker. While still available used, all versions of the Verismo machines have been discontinued as of December 31, 2020.

Why Is It So Hard To Find Verismo Pods? Are They Discontinued?

Starbucks discontinued making pods for their Verismo machines at the same time they stopped making the machines. There are generic pods available that will work in Verismo machines. Starbucks pods are now only available to use in Nestle’s Nespresso coffee makers.

Will Nespresso Pods Work In A Verismo Coffee Maker?

Nespresso pods will not work in a Verismo coffee maker. They typically will not fit or seal properly resulting in the machine not closing or closing and leaking water inside.

Can I Get Verismo Compatible Pods At Walmart or Target?

In general, pods that are compatible with Verismo coffee makers are available only online.

Are Verismo Pods and K-cup interchangeable?

K-cups do not fit in Verismo machines and vice versa. The only pods available that fit in Versa coffee makers are generic or reusable cups.


While you don’t need to get rid of your Verismo machine quite yet you do have to be a bit creative to keep finding pods that will work in it. However, it’s worth it! Try out either the generic pods above or look into getting reusable pods. Whichever you choose, enjoy that cup!